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Main visitor page which summarizes the program benefits and provides
links to explore the program further.

Program Options
Review the various program levels and benefits.  All charges are
one-time, there are no monthly charges.  Everything from the basic
program which provides a five day custom meal plans and program book
to larger packages which can include the 45Pounds Healthy Eating
Cookbook, custom exercise plans, and 45Pounds Exercise Video Series
for Kids.

Program Sign-up
Become a member today.

Meal Plans
Your child's profile will be reviewed by a Certified Kid's Nutrition
Specialist who will build a meal plan program that is customized for your
child.  This means you will be given a meal schedule custom tailored to
your child's preferences and designed to help him or her eat healthy
(with food he or she actually likes to eat) and lose weight.

Packed Lunch Plans
We have a library of packed lunch ideas that will fit most tastes.  If you
can't find a packed lunch plan to fit your child, we will build a custom
packed lunch plan for your child at no additional charge.

The 45Pounds Healthy Eating Cookbook provides plenty of delicious
recipes, and also provides important information on serving sizes and
program counts (starch value, fat value, meat value, etc.)  The cookbook
is an ideal supplement to your program meal plans, and will help you
build your own delicious, healthy meal plans.

Exercise Plans
A meaningful exercise program is important to your child's overall health.
For this reason 45Pounds offers an optional custom exercise program.  
These plans are designed specifically for your child by a fitness
professional based on your child's detailed profile.

Exercise Videos
Three different exercise videos to help your child shed the pounds while
getting fit & having fun! These videos are specific to the 45Pounds
program and can't be found anywhere else.  They have been designed
for our members to work in conjunction with their overall program to help
them in their efforts to be fit and get to a healthy weight.

Kids' Korner
Come see an example of the Kids' Korner bulletin board.  The actual
board is for members only and is posted in the member section.

When you join, your child will be given the option to receive a pen-pal
who is another member of the program.  They will be able to write an
encourage each other as they both work their way through the program.  
It's a fun program where kids can make new friends as they work to lose
weight and get healthy!  Girls will only be matched with other girls, boys
with boys.

Ideal Weight
Fill out this form and receive a report outlining your child's ideal weight
range (free).

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Come visit the on-line support center, free to everyone.  Post your own
questions or challenges and hear from other visitors, members, or
45Pounds support staff.

Weight Journal
Free form to record your child's weight loss progress.

Review comments from some of our happy customers.  See how the
program changed their lives or the life of their child.

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