kid exercising sit-ups
Help your child
live a lean,
healthy life with
our custom
(Designed for
your child by a fitness
kid exercising pushups
kid exercising squats
Sample custom exercise request form
Your child's profile will be reviewed by a fitness trainer who will build an
exercise program that is customized for your child.  This means you will be
given a daily exercise routine custom tailored to your child's preferences
and designed to help him or her get fit (with exercises he or she actually
Specific exercise
routines are different
for every child and
based on the profile
you submit
You will also receive detailed instructions with pictures to
explain each exercise, as well as forms to record your child's
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We also offer three different exercise videos to help your
child shed the pounds while getting fit & having fun!
Work out with National
Fitness Trainer Ian
Baker and his team in
these videos that will
teach your child
different exercise
techniques which she
or he can do on their
own almost anywhere!

Available only at
We aren't selling someone else's videos, these videos are specific to the
45Pounds program and can't be found anywhere else.  They have been
designed for our program members to work in conjunction with their
overall program to help them in their efforts to be active and get fit!
Martial Arts Exercise Video Clip
Aerobics Exercise Video Clip
Stepping Exercise Video Clip
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Preview: Clip 1  Clip 2
Preview: Clip 1  Clip 2
Custom Exercise Plans for Kids
A meaningful exercise program is important
to your child's overall health.  For this reason
45Pounds offers an optional custom exercise
program.  These plans are designed
specifically for your child by a fitness
professional based on your child's detailed
profile (filled out after purchase).  
These plans are designed by our U.K. partner
BPM Active.
kid exercise with weights
kid exercise running
Please proceed to
the members' area
to fill out your form.
When you receive your member password, you will go to the member
section of the website and fill out the exercise plan request form to tell us
a little about your child's physical profile and preferences.
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