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Wow!!  I cannot thank you enough for creating
your program.
 It has changed the life of my family.  My daughter
Sydney is 10 years old and was overweight - she was feeling very down and
upset about her weight...the final blow was when her Grandpa told her she was
FAT - Sydney cried for 3 days straight.  I went on the internet and luckily found
your website.  Now she is a new child.  Everyone has noticed and is asking for
my secret.  I of course am directing them to your site.  You truly changed our
life - however, what if I hadn't found your website?  Sydney would still be an
unhappy child.  I want to help spread the word - let me help you help others -
please send me flyers - business cards and I will distribute for you - I know
your other customers would probably want to do the same.  Together we can
help change lives - sounds corny but, Oh so true.  Please post on your website
and I hope that others will also want to help.

Fresno, California
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My son Andy is 8 years old and he is now on his third week on this plan and
already people have started to notice the change in his weight.  He never
feels hungry and loves the foods and snacks that he is allowed to eat. He
himself has noticed a change in his body and even mentions how certain
clothes are fitting better. He plays a lot of baseball and he tells me that he
feels like he has more energy and he is even running faster and has become
more agile. He is really into this meal plan because he knows that it is working
and understands that it is not a diet but a healthy way of eating. I am so
thankful that I found your website. I’ve already had a few parents ask me what
plan I have him on and of course I have referred them to your website.

Thank you so much.

Miami, FL
Rylie is 8 1/2 and loves to eat!!  But she is doing so well with your plan.  In just 3
weeks (as of last Sunday) she has lost 10.5 lb. She is happy with the amount
she is eating! (of course the withdrawals from the pizza was hard!       :o))  She
is so excited about the weight she has lost, it is fabulous.  Her brother who is
about a 24 BMI, has lost 7.5lbs and I have lost 17lb.  We are all loving it!  I have
told a few friend about it and they want to try it for their kids.

Thanks Again.

Woodland, CA
Just wanted to let you know that my son, Alex, has been on your program for
only 3 weeks and has lost 8 pounds already.  We are all very excited and I have
recommended your program to a number of people.  As I am a Personal Trainer,
fitness is extremely important to me and you have come up with a way to make
eating right easy and totally do-able.

Thank you so much for enabling my son to take control without giving up
everything he likes.  He is continuing on the program and is very enthusiastic.

Palm City, FL

Your child's
picture here?

It can happen &
we're here to help
your child succeed!
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your child.  Our on-line resources also include a full listing
of substitutes so you can create additional variety, and you
can even call us and review your child's meal plan with a
nutrition specialist.

No special or expensive foods are necessary.

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To see my daughters eyes light up when she put that size
12 on was the most amazing thing ever
(like she was born again).
We are starting to shop in the little girls section again.

My KyLee is coming back to me. She is more active and wants to do stuff. She
is so talkative about school and boys (typical girl) :) When I drop her off she
has a group of girls meeting and greeting her at the car. She is in dance and
loves every minute of it.

I want to thank you and this program for helping parents like us, help our kids
become and find their selves again!!!

From the bottom of my heart...


Pierre, SD
45Pounds.com   Since 2004
Customized meal plans to help your child lose weight
Is my child too young to put on a diet?
This program is safe and effective for children
as young as four.  There's no maximum age
and parents frequently do the program with
their children.
My child is a picky eater, or has special
dietary needs.  Can you help?
We've built meal plans for literally thousands of
children, including some of the pickiest eaters
you can imagine.  We have also built plans for
vegetarian, food allergies, asthmatic, Kosher,
gluten free, autistic, and many other specific
dietary needs.
I don't want my child to feel deprived,
or like she is on a diet.
This program allows a tremendous amount of
food, with meals and snacks allowed every few
hours.  She won't be eating "mouse food" either,
and no special foods, or bad tasting foods.  The
meal plans include everything from hot dogs and
pizza to spaghetti and tacos.  Each meal plan is
custom built.  You tell us what your child likes to
that are fast and easy to prepare.
The meal plans are very customized.  Don't like
to cook?  Don't have time?  Just tell us and we
will provide quick and easy meals.  This does not
have to be a time consuming process.
stay with us for six months, it works
out to less the 28 cents per day.